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Steel Band Hire

Big Sand is a band that loves to perform 

Each customer that hires our steel drum band will enjoy an acoustic ensemble which is fit for the purpose. Nothing beats having the right band to start a party and you can confidently use our service for successive events. Make an enquiry and within a few email exchanges or a phone call, the booking will be secured. Our steel drum band will make your party really special and you are welcome to stay in touch via social networks.

Send an enquiry from the contact page.  

Enjoy real Caribbean calypso music combined with a repertoire which includes many popular favourites. 

Popular tunes include:

  • One Love
  • Three Little Birds
  • Island In The Sun
  • Rum & Coco Cola
  • Yellow Bird
  • Summertime
  • The Saints Go Marching In
  • La Cucaracha
  • Beseme Mucho
  • Feeling Hot Hot Hot
  • The Cricket Theme (Soul Limbo)
  • Lambada
  • La Bamba

plus over 40 other songs.

What is different about Big Sand is that the players, equipment, presentation and performance are all of a different calibre. The melody in the music has clarity and definition as the steel drum band performs a colourful selection of popular tunes ignited by rich Caribbean steel drum rhythms. This means that there are no programmed accompaniments supporting the live performance; Big Sand prefers the organic sound of steel drums.

With Big Sand, a steel drum band means a band which is characterised by the majority of instruments being steel drums (Steel Pan). The 3 players form an acoustic ensemble which includes the melody, chords and bass. The Bass player is ambidextrous and shakes a maraca simultaneously. 

steel drums at Portland Castle

We believe that it is more fascinating to watch the energy, enthusiasm and telepathy of real talented musicians performing, in contrast to a soloist with backing tracks. The  players act as integral components in a well oiled machine which shifts through musical gears to create excitement at your party.

For Christmas, you can discover how Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer sounds on steel drums or hear a medley of Jingle Bells and Joy To The World. Early booking is essential to hire the band for key dates. You can book the band to perform at any venue where you are having your Christmas party. Big Sand is always delighted to provide entertainment on site to help companies wind down after a successful or eventful year. If you are just having a Christmas buffet lunch, 3 players will be fine. If your Christmas party is on a larger scale, please send as much details with your enquiry to ensure that band is optimised in the right way. You will always receive experienced advice to help you plan a successful Christmas event.


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