Themed Parties

Party Ideas

Have you ever thought about combining different themes?

See which party ideas work best, find out how to plan a party and get off to a great start with your party theme. Our insight comes from a vault containing over 1'000 parties and events covered by Big Sand Steel Band. If you are new to party planning, then these ideas and images may be useful.  

Chilled drinks for a Summer party

A party can suddenly become lively and interesting with the inclusion of a good theme and good options for entertainment. Some parties use more than one live band at different stages during the event and this works very effectively. Our steel drum band has worked with many party themes and here a some where we have performed.

  • Pirates Theme Party
  • Hawaiian Themed Party
  • Toga party
  • Cup Cake Party
  • Crazy Hat Party
  • Secret Agent Party
  • Egyptian Themed Party
  • Masked Ball
  • Glow In The Dark Party
  • Hip Hop Themed Party
  • Arabian Nights Themed Party

On many occasions our clients just want to revisit the Caribbean and enjoy very strong rum punch with lively steel band music. You can easily learn how to make rum punch from many videos on YouTube. You may also be able to source the best rum for this which is called Sunset and comes from St Vincent.

Rum punch for a real Caribbean Party

 If you are thinking of planning a Caribbean themed party, this video will be useful as it contains many ideas to stimulate your creative thinking. You can also subscribe to the channel.

 If you have never arranged a party you can find out more on How To Plan Your First Party in a special guide that we have prepared.


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